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STEP 2: Review the Application Guide below to prepare yourself for applying.
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Fees & pricing

EHF is an independent not for profit organisation, and the fees we collect during the application process help cover the costs to run the programme and sustain the organisation. Application fees are charged at two stages of the process: 25% of the application fee is payable upfront at the time of application, and successful candidates pay the remaining 75% of the fee if they are accepted into EHF. There are limited scholarships available that may reduce the fee payable for successful candidates if they are accepted into EHF.

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* The balance of fees due at acceptance is the fee payable if you are offered a place in EHF and you accept the offer to become an EHF Fellow.

** There is a separate additional application fee for the Global Impact Visa, payable to Immigration New Zealand (INZ). These fees vary by country, between NZD $0 - 700. Check your country’s fees here.

Application process

The EHF application process is designed to get to know you as a global changemaker, learn about your work, and assess your potential to create positive impact as part of EHF. We accept applications from all over the world, including from New Zealand citizens and residents. Entrepreneurs, investors and changemakers at all stages of their careers working on positive global impact solutions are eligible to apply.

The EHF application form takes as little as 30 minutes to complete, with an optional 3-minute video submission (highly recommended). Your application can be saved at any time before submitting.

Candidates can apply to EHF as an entrepreneur or an investor.

Apply as an entrepreneur if your primary focus in NZ is building a venture from the ground up here, if you are moving an existing venture to NZ, or if you are a changemaker who is catalysing systemic change in your field. Co-founders of a venture can apply together as a team. In this case, please apply under one single application with a primary applicant, and list details for all other co-founders. We are open to all business models and organisational legal structures.

Apply as an investor if your primary focus in NZ is investing in high impact initiatives (through your time, funds, and/or connections), or if you are an established entrepreneur who has achieved a level of success in your career and your main way of contributing to NZ is through supporting others rather than building new ventures from the ground up in NZ, or moving existing ventures to NZ.

Successful international applicants are eligible for the Global Impact Visa to New Zealand, the first visa programme in the world to be focused on impact. Learn about the Global Impact Visa.

Selection process & timeline

Admission to Edmund Hillary Fellowship is through a competitive application process. There are several stages in the evaluation process, with a short-listing process at each step. The final decision on who is accepted into EHF is made by an independent selection panel.

The selection process and timeline for Cohort 6:

  • 28 July 2019: Closing date for scholarship applications. (Scholarships are available only to a limited number of international entrepreneur applicants.)
  • 4 August 2019: Closing date for early bird pricing discount.
  • 1 September 2019: Final closing date for Cohort 6 applications.
  • September to Mid December 2019: Cohort 6 selection period. The EHF selection team review applications, along with the help of subject matter experts. For those who are shortlisted, interviews and references also take place during this time. An independent selection panel makes the final decision about who is offered a place in the Fellowship.
  • Mid-December 2019: Selected candidates are offered a place in the Fellowship and international candidates are invited to apply for a Global Impact Visa from Immigration New Zealand.
  • March 2020: Welcome and induction week in New Zealand for Cohort 6 Fellows and the New Frontiers summit takes place in March 2020. Note that to participate in EHF, it is a requirement for all Cohort 6 Fellows to attend this induction. Fellows are not, however, required to move their ventures and/or families to New Zealand beforehand.

Selection criteria

We recognise that your potential to create positive impact cannot always be measured by purely standardised metrics. The EHF team and external selection panel assess candidates against a set of both qualitative and quantitative criteria covering entrepreneurial capabilities, track record of executing on ideas, values alignment, exhibited potential to create positive local and global impact, investment record (if applicable), and connection to New Zealand.

Our selection criteria focus on identifying individuals and teams who align with our values, and who:

  • Have a bold vision to address systemic challenges in society and create positive impact in New Zealand and the world
  • Demonstrate the drive and capability to deliver on their vision
  • Can build valuable long-term connections with New Zealand and leverage New Zealand’s unique advantages to innovate
  • Can actively and positively contribute to the EHF community and wider New Zealand startup ecosystem, and exhibit a desire and sufficient potential to continue contributing over 10-20 years
  • Will be good ambassadors for NZ and embody and demonstrate EHF values, which include boldness, interconnectedness, excellence, global impact, authenticity, stewardship and humility

Global Impact Visas

New Zealand’s Global Impact Visa (GIVs) is exclusively available to individuals and teams who are accepted into EHF. The Global Impact Visa is a flexible three-year open work visa, which provides you with the ability to build your venture without restrictions and without minimum days spent in New Zealand each year. Eligibility criteria for GIVs are set by Immigration New Zealand, and are separate from EHF programme selection criteria.

The benefits of GIVs include:

  • A work visa for your spouse/partner and student visas for your dependents
  • Access to public health care services and public education for your dependents
  • Flexibility to travel internationally and plan your move to NZ gradually
  • After 30 months of holding this visa and as an active member of the EHF community, you will be eligible to apply for a NZ Permanent Resident Visa, which does not expire and makes you an integral part of NZ society

To be eligible for GIVs, you must meet the following minimum requirements set by Immigration New Zealand:

  • Acceptance into the Edmund Hillary Fellowship
  • A high level of English language proficiency
  • Good character*
  • Acceptable standard of health
  • Sufficient maintenance funds of NZD $36,000, OR the ability to earn income to support yourself and any dependents in New Zealand during the first year
  • Read more about Immigration New Zealand’s requirements here. Please note that GIVs application fees are separate from EHF fees, and vary depending on your country of citizenship. Find out about GIVs fees here.

    * To apply for GIVs, you need to provide a police certificate background check from your countries of citizenship, and each country in which you, and any family member has lived in for five years or more (whether on one visit or intermittently) since the age of 17. Please note police certificate background checks can take 4-6 months in some countries, so it can be worth applying early for these. Details on each country’s specific police certificate requirements are here.


Applications for scholarships close on 28 July 2019. Once you have applied and have made it to the final stage of our selection process, you can request to be considered for a scholarship for the Acceptance Fee. We will have limited scholarship places available, and scholarship recipients will have the opportunity to substitute the payment with a contribution of time.

EHF is open to individuals all over the world, and we strive to make the opportunity as accessible as possible. We have a limited number of scholarships to subsidise the application fee for international entrepreneur applicants who qualify. Scholarship decisions are made based purely on financial need.

Scholarship fees & pricing:

  • EHF application fee: $200 USD
  • EHF acceptance fee: $750 USD (fee payable if you are offered a place in EHF and you accept the offer to become an EHF Fellow)
  • INZ Global Impact Visa fee: $0 - 450 USD (variable fee based on country)

Please note: Scholarships for the application fee (payable when applying to EHF) are not available for kiwis or investors. There are no scholarships offered for the application fee for kiwis since these are already heavily discounted, and less expensive than the international scholarship prices. Kiwis that make it to the final stages of our selection process, can request to be considered for a scholarship for the Acceptance Fee.

You can apply here for an EHF scholarship.