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We created the Edmund Hillary Fellowship to bring together humankind’s creative potential and entrepreneurial spirit in New Zealand, to build innovative ventures for global impact.

EHF is a global platform in New Zealand, building a community of world-leading entrepreneurs and investors, and helping them bring their purpose-driven ventures to life. EHF helps New Zealand access the world’s best talent and capital to lead in innovation. Fellows have exclusive access to NZ Government’s Global Impact Visa - the most entrepreneur friendly visa in the world, with a path for permanent residency.

Announcing the EHF Inaugural Cohort

After an intense selection period, we are excited to announce our first cohort of Fellows accepted into the Edmund Hillary Fellowship.

A Community Of Global Citizens

Become part of a community of global citizens who think big, challenge the status quo, and lead from the edge of innovation. EHF accepts a new cohort of up to 60 Fellows every six months, with a diverse mix of international and New Zealand-based entrepreneurs, investors, and startup teams.

A Platform To Grow

EHF provides you with a platform to leverage New Zealand’s unique advantages, to help build, incubate and scale global ventures. The EHF programme includes regular retreats, demo days, learning opportunities, a stage from which to tell your story, and settlement support for you and your immediate family in New Zealand.

A World-Class Support Network

As a Fellow, you will receive individualised support and access to a global network of investors, mentors, partners, and innovation hubs, to help maximise your impact and give you the best chance of success. We can connect you with top talent, accelerators, centres of research excellence, and Research and Development grants.

Diversity Of Impact

Like all natural ecosystems, a healthy innovation ecosystem thrives when a diverse set of strengths and talents come together in an integrated way to support each other. Our Fellows represent a global community, and as such we encourage applicants of all ages, genders, industries, ethnicities, stages of venture development, and countries of citizenship, to apply.

5 Reasons Kiwis Should Apply

To find out what’s in it for Kiwi Fellows, check out our blog post, Five Reasons Why Kiwi Entrepreneurs Should Apply for EHF.

Fellow Attributes



We invite you to join the EHF community, if you resonate with our values and are someone who:

  • Boldly challenges the status quo
  • Aspires to create global impact
  • Acts with excellence and displays leadership
  • Lives authentically and embeds your values into everything you do
  • Recognises how people and business are interconnected with our economies, our societies and the planet
  • Stewards others in your work, by contributing time, knowledge, and capital to help those around you grow
  • Has the humility to seek out feedback and support


Ready to Apply?


Global Impact Visa


Gain exclusive access to the most entrepreneur-friendly visa in the world, and the first to be focused on impact.


Global Impact Visas (GIVs) is a new 3-year, flexible, open work visa for New Zealand with a path to permanent residency, designed to attract creative and visionary entrepreneurs, investors and startup teams who wish to create global impact from New Zealand. GIVs has no minimum requirement for days spent in New Zealand, and is designed for high-impact global citizens who work across borders and wish to make New Zealand a main base.

Up to 100 GIVs will be awarded each year to international Fellows, who will join up to 20 Kiwi Fellows in the programme.

Once accepted into the Edmund Hillary Fellowship, the criteria to qualify for GIVs include a high level of English language proficiency, good character and health, and sufficient maintenance funds or the ability to earn income to support yourself and any dependents in New Zealand for the first year.

Selection Criteria

EHF recognises that your potential for global impact and holistic value creation cannot always be measured by purely standardised metrics. Our selection process measures candidates against a set of qualitative and quantitative criteria that assess entrepreneurial or investment skills, experiences, capabilities, and potential to have a positive impact on New Zealand and the world.

Our selection criteria focus on identifying individuals and teams who:

  • Have a bold vision to solve systemic challenges in society and create large-scale positive impact on New Zealand and the world.

  • Demonstrate the drive and capability as entrepreneurs or investors to deliver on their vision.

  • Can build valuable long-term connections with New Zealand and best leverage New Zealand’s unique advantages to innovate.

  • Can actively and positively contribute to the EHF community, and are people who EHF sees sufficient potential to partner with over 10-20 years.

  • Will be good ambassadors for NZ and embody and demonstrate EHF values (these include boldness, interconnectedness, excellence, global impact, authenticity, stewardship & humility).

Selection Process

After applying for Edmund Hillary Fellowship via Submittable, applications are taken through a process of filtering and shortlisting based on alignment with the selection criteria outlined above. Initial filtering is done by the EHF team, with final selection delegated to an independent selection panel of entrepreneurs, investors, cultural leaders and innovators. The selection panel also considers the diversity of the cohort as a whole before making a decision. Selected candidates are provided with a Letter of Offer to apply to Immigration New Zealand for the processing of GIVs.

The Fellowship Journey

Edmund Hillary Fellows become part of a global community of leaders working together to impact the course of humanity. As such, Fellows move from being candidates through the 3-year Fellowship and then emerge as EHF Alumni who can become mentors, ambassadors and leaders in supporting the next generation of Fellows and their wider community.


Ready to Apply?