The world’s first
Global Impact Visa

The Global Impact Visa (GIVs) is the world’s first immigration policy focused on creating positive global impact. Pioneered and led by Immigration New Zealand, the Global Impact Visa is exclusively available to individuals and teams who are accepted into the Edmund Hillary Fellowship.

Attracting world class changemakers

The Global Impact Visa is for people tackling systemic problems affecting society and the planet. It has been designed to encourage more innovation and investment capital towards developing bold visions and transformative solutions for global challenges, from Aotearoa New Zealand.



Entrepreneur friendly

The visa recognises that impact focused entrepreneurship is often a high risk path with many twists and turns. The programme offers great flexibility to help entrepreneurs and investors focus on their work. GIVs has no minimum days required in New Zealand each year, and entrepreneurs are not tied to one specific business plan. This visa programme is for those who have an interest in building a long-term base in New Zealand, connecting with the talented local community and contributing to the long-term wellbeing of the nation.

 Family friendly

The benefits of the Global Impact Visa include additional visas for family (spouse/partner and dependents), access to public health care services and public education for children, and the flexibility to travel internationally and plan your move to New Zealand gradually. Permanent residency after three years helps to make you an integral part of the NZ society, and sets you on the path to citizenship.

Global friendly

Recognising that visionary, impact-driven individuals can come from anywhere in the world, the Global Impact Visa is open to people of all nationalities, countries, ages, and stages of entrepreneurial journey. Scholarships are available for those have limited means.

The benefits of GIVs include:

  • A work visa for your spouse/partner and student visas for your dependents
  • Access to public health care services and public education for your dependents
  • Flexibility to travel internationally and plan your move to NZ gradually
  • After 30 months of holding this visa and as an active member of the EHF community, you will be eligible to apply for a NZ Permanent Resident Visa, which does not expire and makes you an integral part of NZ society
Read more about Immigration New Zealand’s requirements here. Please note that GIVs application fees are separate from EHF fees, and vary depending on your country of citizenship. Find out about GIVs fees here, and details on each country’s specific police certificate requirements are here.


Compare New Zealand visa options

Investor 1 Visa* Investor 2 Visa* Entrepreneur Work Visa* Global Impact Visa*
Required minimum upfront investment $10M $2.5–3M $100K $0
Type of visa Conditional residence Conditional residence Work Work
Eligible for permanent residence after 3 Years 4 Years 6 Years 2.5 Years
Minimum days per year to maintain visa 42 Days 183 Days 183 Days 0 Days
90% of visa applications are processed within 30 Months 30 Months 18 Months 3 months
Immigration New Zealand visa application fees $4,960 $5,580 $3,365 $635
Legal and compliance fees estimates $25K–50K+ $25K–50K+ $20K–25K+ $0
Partners & dependents eligible to apply Yes Yes Yes Yes
Welcome experience in partnership with Māori No No No Yes
Age requirement No Under 65 No No

For the most comprehensive and accurate information about different visa options, please refer to the Immigration New Zealand website.

* Investor 1 Visa: If 25% of capital is growth investment, minimum 44 days a year required in year 2 and 3 or 88 days over 3 years.

* Investor 2 Visa: If 25% of capital is growth investment, minimum 146 days a year in years 2,3,4 of the investment period or 438 days across 4 years.

* Entrepreneur Work Visa: To apply, you will also need to provide a detailed business plan of the company you are looking to set-up or buy, and be able to claim 120 points on Immigration NZ's points scale.

* Global Impact Visa: Acceptance into EHF is required to be eligible. Visa holders are expected to contribute to the NZ innovation ecosystem through a combination of: creating new high-impact ventures, investing in innovation, bringing high-value global connections, attracting top talent, and supporting local startups.


To be eligible for the Global Impact Visa, there are some minimum requirements set by Immigration New Zealand. You must initially be accepted into the Edmund Hillary Fellowship to order to apply. An acceptable standard of health, good character and a high level of English proficiency are required to qualify. In addition, you are required to have sufficient maintenance funds of NZD $36,000, or alternatively the ability to earn an equivalent income to support yourself and any dependents in New Zealand during the first year. Read more about Immigration New Zealand’s requirements here.

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