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New Zealand is a place where truly world-changing visions can be brought to life.


The soil is fertile in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Not just in the lush green landscapes, but in the society and culture. There is fertility in the way of thinking, the connection between people, the readiness to try things and willingness to lead into the unknown. It is not by accident that the Edmund Hillary Fellowship lives here. The spirit of the land is part of the design. It is designed with intent to be a signal of leadership for the world.

Deeply rooted values and collaborative culture

New Zealand is blessed with strong indigenous wisdom. These values provide a unique, powerful lens from which to reconsider global systems and make meaningful impact. Coupled with an open, friendly business culture, strong trade relations to both East and West, rule of law and a stable society, it is perfectly poised as a test bed for ambitious new ideas.

Embracing innovation and experimentation

New Zealand is a young country. Building new things from the ground up is part of a national psyche and the spirit of experimentation is encouraged. With accessible, open government policies, generous research and development grants, a culture of early adoption and a spirit of resourcefulness - anything is possible.

A history of global leadership

New Zealand has been a global leader in forward thinking solutions and policies; from normalising legal personhood status for bodies of nature and to leading the world in women’s right to vote, to standing strong as a nuclear-free nation and building a world-leading space industry from scratch in less than a decade. Kiwis are used to leading the world. This spirit is very much alive in the culture.

The wind at your back

It took over 400 expedition members to help get our namesake Sir Edmund Hillary and his companion Tenzing Norgay to the top of Mount Everest. Likewise, our Fellows are supported to succeed with the help of a vast global network of Catalysts, mentors, investors, influencers and friends, that weave a cloak of support around them.

“Our job at EHF is to till the soil, your job is to plant the seeds and help them grow.”

Yoseph Ayele, CEO & Co-founder of EHF


EHF Catalysts

EHF Catalysts are industry leaders who are leveraging their unique networks, knowledge, and resources to accelerate the impact of EHF Fellows. By catalysing the work of our Fellows, they are backing purpose driven entrepreneurs and investors to contribute towards a better world. We are excited to introduce you to these exceptional organisations who are playing important roles to realise this communities collective vision.


The Ministry for Primary Industries is the public service department of New Zealand charged with overseeing, managing and regulating the farming, fishing, food, animal welfare, biosecurity, and forestry sectors of New Zealand's primary industries.



Bank of New Zealand (BNZ) is one of New Zealand’s leading full-service banks, and has been enabling a high-achieving New Zealand and helping people start a new life in this country since 1861.


Auckland’s economic growth agency, Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED), collaborates with businesses across the region and is excited about assisting Fellows with invaluable connections across all sectors.



One of the leading blockchain venture studios in the world, solving real problems, with a growing team of 100 people across Auckland, London, Melbourne, Tokyo, Zurich and Singapore.


Committed to building a better working world, with increased trust and confidence in business, sustainable growth, development of talent in all its forms, and greater collaboration.

Lane Neave

A full-service law firm located in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown, Lane Neave thrives on making complex issues simple for their clients.


Digital Storytellers

Co-creating a better narrative for the world, by telling stories that make a difference, and growing a globally-connected community of impact storytellers.

Avid Legal

Forward thinking, commercially minded, accessible, and flexible New Zealand lawyers specialising in corporate, commercial, and technology law.


“Innovation happens at the edges. New Zealand is literally, at the edge of the Earth.”

EHF Fellow, Andrew Hoppin


Extended support networks

New Zealand is home to a small, tight-knit business and startup community which thrives on collaboration and cooperation. The EHF community has established links and relationships across the business, government and innovation sectors. This supportive ecosystem is active, helping fellows build their ventures and increase their impact.

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