Aotearoa New Zealand

New Zealand uniquely bridges indigenous wisdom, leading-edge innovation, progressive policies, and abundance of natural life. Leading the world with its agile and friendly business environment, it has earned its reputation as an Incubation Nation where world-changing visions come to life.

Incredible culture

Strong political rights and civil liberties. Open and progressive. Friendly tight-knit business communities that value collaboration. A nation of immigrants.

Innovation thrives

Spirit of resourcefulness. Collaboration is valued over competition. Innovative, open government. Research and development grants. Anything is possible.

Scale quickly

Strong trade relations with the East and the West. A well-educated workforce. Ideal testing grounds for new products. Freedom and flexibility to iterate and pivot.

“1st country to grant women the right to vote”

“1st in the world for ease of doing business”

“World-leading indigenous relations”

“1st in the world for lack of corruption”

“Legal personhood rights for nature”

“A peaceful anti-nuclear stance”

“NZ is a great place to test your ideas. We are small and this encourages us to think outside the box.”

– Sacha MacDonald, EHF Fellow, Rezource

A nation founded on the Treaty of Waitangi, Aotearoa New Zealand celebrates its Māori heritage, is working towards reconciliation of historical grievances, and is paddling our waka (canoe) forward into the future together.

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Kiwi Changemakers

Small size and distance has fostered a spirit of resourcefulness and an can-do attitude in the minds of New Zealanders, which has paved the way for some world-leading innovations.

New Zealand established itself as a global leader in innovative immigration policy with the development of the Global Impact Visa (GIVs) - the world’s first visa to focus on positive impact.

The Global Impact Visa

Innovation Ecosystem

As with any healthy natural ecosystem, New Zealand’s innovation ecosystem thrives on diversity and collaboration to create integrated solutions to complex problems.

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